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Best LMS Software to Use When Working Remotely Top 7 Options for Your Team

Best LMS Software to Use When Working Remotely

In recent years, many organizations have adopted a remote work culture, especially after the pandemic. However, managing remote employees can be quite challenging. Implementing the right Learning Management System (LMS) for remote training from the start, ensures each team member receives the necessary support in their job role.

Thankfully, we have a Learning management system or LMS that can assist in managing effectively remote employees and fostering a keen sense of teamwork, even when working with a global workforce. But today, there are many options for LMS making it confusing for learners on which one to choose. This is why we have created a list that can help remote learners or organizations who are eager to learn more about the best remote-working LMS software. 

List of Best LMS Software for Remote Training 

1. Levelup 

Levelup is the simplest learning management system in the industry which offers all premium features for unlimited time. It is a cloud based LMS that is highly scalable and easy to use anytime and anywhere, making it an ideal choice for remote workers. Its integration and reporting feature provides real-time data on progress, participation, and course completion, allowing remote learners to complete courses on time with better knowledge retention. 

Levelup also offers numerous customized user experiences and seamlessly integrates multimedia features making the course easier, and more engaging. It is an Learning Management System Software  for remote training, compliance training, onboard training, sales training, employee training, and much more.  

2. Learn Upon 

Learn Upon is another great LMS for remote learners that enables them to deliver impactful online learning experiences. In this platform, you can easily build training programs for remote employees by importing SCORM and xAPI courses, uploading videos, and adding presentations and documents.  

Learn Upon has great reporting and analytic ability that allows you to track your employees’ activities and monitor their performance as well.  

3. Docebo 

Docebo is another best Learning Management System for remote training that is best known for its automated learning experience. It provides a variety of features, including tailored content, social learning, and integration capabilities, to improve corporate training and empower businesses to create successful learning experiences.  

Docebo is an ideal choice for large organizations and corporations because of its numerous automation capabilities, which enable it to easily manage expanding workloads. This platform has a powerful configuration engine that lets you construct audience-specific pages with flexible drag-and-drop functionality, making it quick and easy to set up learning programs. 

4. TalentLMS 

TalentLMS stands out for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for remote employees to use and access training materials anytime and anywhere. Its mobile compatibility ensures seamless learning on the learner’s device, making it convenient to use it in their busy schedules. TalentLMS has great authoring tools and extensive reporting capabilities that empower organizations to create customized training programs and track learner progress effectively.  

Furthermore, its collaboration features such as discussion forums facilitate communication and teamwork among remote teams, enhancing overall productivity and engagement. It also offers live training sessions, which serve to bridge the gap between student and educator. It supports a wide range of learning needs, including onboarding and remote team training. 

5. Litmos: 

Litmos is a cloud based LMS platform which makes it an ideal choice for remote working LMS due to its expertise in gamified learning. Litmos is an easy corporate Learning Management System that allows the creation of diverse types of course modules and group courses into learning pathways. 

Furthermore, it has an integrated authoring tool that allows organizations to create courses that appear similar and are loaded with data text pages.  

Litmos also offers standard courses on compliance training, soft skills, and other subjects that cover all bases, from virtual and classroom to mobile and social learning. What is the finest part about it? The gamification feature dominates here. By converting education into a friendly competition, leaderboards, badges, and accomplishments raise student engagement and completion rates. 

6. iSpring Learn 

iSpring Learn is a comprehensive LMS for remote training that is designed to support remote learners with advanced features and functionality. its ability to automate workflows for professionals to keep track of learning progress or goal completion. This platform has an integrated ability to create courses, advanced quizzes, role-play simulations, and video tutorials for a better remote learning experience.  

The platform also includes an organization chart, a catalog for course self-enrollment, a newsfeed, a dashboard, and an employee assessment tool. But the best part is that all these advanced capabilities are priced for SMBs. 

7. Adobe Learning Manager 

Adobe Learning Manager (formerly known as Adobe Captivate Prime) is best known for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) ability to create unique remote training experiences. Like Docebo, the platform uses learner data analysis to predict and recommend latest content that would increase users’ interests.  

Adobe’s distinctive feature is its skills maps, which include each employee’s knowledge, abilities, and personal characteristics. These abilities enable firms to set or raise performance standards for their employees. 

Choose remote working LMS that can help you anytime, anywhere! 

There are many LMS options in the market, but when choosing an LMS, innovative technology and outstanding features support your needs at any given time rather than complex ones. There are other factors actors while choosing LMS platforms like flexibility, onboarding, integrated gamification, and adopting intelligent reporting to manage and engage remote workers. 

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Levelup LMS can be your ideal solution for remote training. Our LMS is simple to use and fully customizable and can help you expand your business by creating a learning environment that meets a variety of requirements and preferences. Contact us today. 


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