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How to Create Effective Training Videos for Employees in 7 Easy Steps

How to Create Effective Training Videos for Employees in 7 Easy Steps

How to Create Effective Training Videos for Employees in 7 Easy Steps 

Did you know that our brains remember 80% of what we see and only 20% of what we read? Training videos are much more effective than the traditional training method, which has only a bunch of files to read. Training videos are great for providing better customer training, product demos, employee upskilling, etc. According to Google, learners spend 3 times more on YouTube rather than spending time reading documents to know about any product or service. 

Now let us first understand what is training videos and why it is so important for employees. 

What is a Training Video? 

Training videos are a great way to educate your employees in a shorter and simpler format so that they can consume knowledge at their own convenience. With training videos, you can teach your employees how to do their jobs more efficiently or educate them about your company’s policies. By using video training, you can even make complex topics more presentable for better knowledge retention. 

Why are Employee Training videos for Employees so Effective in Learning? 

Traditionally, organizations used a variety of manuals and documents for training purposes, failing in knowledge retention over time. Training videos have been proven to make learning more engaging and entertaining for employees, whether in onboarding, product education, or compliance training. 

The Five Main Reasons to Create Training Videos:

  • Efficient Training Delivery at Each Stage 
  • Better Knowledge Retention 
  • Deeper Engagement 
  • Higher Accessibility 
  • Cost-Effective 

 The 5 reasons to create Training Videos 

How to Create Effective Training Videos that keep the Learner’s Attention? 

Step 1: Pick a topic that grabs the learner’s attention 

Selecting the right topic is the first and most essential thing to do. For this, you need to first understand the requirements of your learners. Is it a compliance training video or a safety video? Once you get a picture of their problem, you can easily create a video with better solutions that can help them throughout the training. 

Step 2: Choose your training video type and format 

There are many kinds of training videos, such as animated, scenario-based, stimulation videos, etc. You can select the ideal video that suits your criteria to create a unique solution for your learners. All these kinds of video types require different amounts of time and effort, along with the resources that you have. 

Next is selecting the right format for your training video. Do you want to upload it on YouTube or Instagram, or simply send it to your employees? Will they be watching it on their laptop or mobile? You can customize the format accordingly to make it more user-friendly. 

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Step 3: Write a script for your training video. 

A well-written script is especially important when creating a video. Without a strong script, your video cannot succeed, even with amazing videos. Make sure you cover all the necessary information in the employee training video before you start. Make it well organized so that everyone understands and avoids any extra words and unnecessary jargon. Try to keep the tone conversational, not very professional.  

Step 4: Start creating your training videos 

Once you are done with all your plans and scripts, you are ready to create a video. There are many software applications by which you can easily create videos, like Soapbox, and Camtasia, all are easy to use, especially if you are a beginner. You can also try Adobe Premiere if you need a more feature-rich editing tool. Beside using software, you can also record or shoot videos if you want and cover all the essential topics according to your learners. 

Pro tip: More than 9 objects in a scene can be a disaster. Too much clutter turns people off. Scenes longer than 9 seconds have a noticeable drop in engagement. Short snappy scenes always work. 

Step 5: Edit your training video 

After creating video, you can edit your video to make it more visually appealing. There are many featured software tools for editing video such as editing audio, arranging the video layout, adding more graphics, and adding branding or logos to your videos for an added visual boost. By doing this, you are adding more personal touches to make your training video memorable and entertaining for your employees.  

Pro tip: For 90 seconds video, there should be at least 10 scenes. Anything less would be dragging. 

Step 6: Share your video with your learners:

Once You have created a high-quality video, and now you can upload it to your company’s website or share it across social media channels. Your videos will be placed on an LMS if they are intended for an internal audience. If your videos are intended for a global audience, you may put them on a variety of websites, like YouTube. 

Step 7: Get feedback from your audience 

A feedback mechanism is the best way to know how well your video is performing and how your audience is connected to your video. You can use feedback in the future to make your training videos better.

The 7 Steps of Building an Effective Training Video:

The 7 Steps for Building Effective Training Video 


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Wrapping Up! 

By now, you must have understood how training videos can elevate your course content and make it more engaging for your employees. It is one of the simplest and easiest way to help your learners to educate them about your products and services and help them to retain better knowledge. Just prepare an outline, a well-planned script, and a proper edit tool. That is the quickest and easiest way to create training videos. 

Need more help achieving an effective training video? If you are looking for a training video, our team at Levelup can help. We specialize in creating high-quality instructional videos for businesses of all sizes. 

So, if you are ready to get started with your next employee training video, contact us today! 

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