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LMS Best Practices in Employee Onboarding Training

LMS Best Practices in Employee Onboard Training - Levelup LMS

LMS Best Practices in Employee Onboard Training 

In today’s highly competitive corporate workplace, effective onboarding plays an essential role in setting the stage for success when onboarding new employees into an organization. A well-designed onboarding process helps new employees easily understand their roles and responsibilities to their overall engagement and retention. According to a recent study, employees who are provided with proper training on regular basis are 15% more likely to find their jobs engaging and have 34% higher retention than those who do not. The right LMS can help you deploy best-in-class onboard training programs that improve the bond between the company and employees and enhances their professional growth.  

The best practices for utilizing an LMS to optimize the onboard training 

  • Choosing the right LMS:

Before setting out on the LMS implementation, selecting the right LMS is the key for successful onboarding training program. Choose an LMS that has user friendly interface by which your employee can easily navigate through the system without any specific training. Make sure that your LMS can handle multiple users simultaneously and offers flexibility in content creation, customization, and delivery. Look for an LMS that can easily integrate with your existing system such as HR software and content authoring tools. 

  • Automate employee enrolment process: 

LMS allows you to automatically add and enroll your new employees into the onboarding training program. LMS enables your employees to enroll to relevant onboarding training programs according to their roles and responsibilities. By automating enrolment process, it saves time and effort for both admin and new hires. 

  • Create interesting onboarding content:

Having a compelling content is what captures attention and builds interest of new employees during onboarding process. Engaging content in LMS helps onboarding process more interactive and enjoyable. You goal should be to create content that provides essential knowledge but also encourages and motivates employees right from the beginning by including videos, quizzes, simulations, and assessments. You can create short and simple content for a specific topic or skill, which helps employees to understand it easily. 

  • Customize the onboarding process:

LMS customization allows onboarding program to be directly applicable to employee’s specific roles, responsibilities, and skill gaps which help them to set their own learning paths, track their progress, and promotes motivation. Customizing onboarding program have significant impact on employee’s experience ensuring employees receive the right training at the right time, avoiding overwhelming them with irrelevant information. This approach not only saves time but also helps employees to focus more on areas relevant to their role and responsibilities.  

  • Leverage Gamification and social learning:

Having gamification in onboarding program helps in making training more interactive and enjoyable such as leaderboards, badges, and rewards to incentivize employee participation and progress according to the employee’s specific needs and culture of the organization. You can also use social learning by using forums, chat features, and peer-to-peer collaboration within the LMS which helps new employees to get connected with their colleagues.  

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  • Monitor and evaluate progress: 

Your onboarding training will only be successful if you know how much you employees has acquire and retain valuable information in a short time. With LMS, you can evaluate and monitor your employee’s status by generating reports based on real-time data. It also enables you to check if employees are on track to complete the onboarding progress and identify any knowledge gaps or areas of improvement which motivates employees to complete their onboarding training. By analyzing data, you can identify the areas where the onboarding training may need some adjustments. This approach helps to optimize you content, delivery strategy and overall program. 

  • Use feedback and surveys:

Allow your employees to give feedback about training process. By using this approach, you can refine the employee onboarding training program and address any challenges or areas for improvement. You can regularly assess the LMS performance and can make necessary adjustment according to the organization’s need. Employee feedback contribute to a sense of them being valued by the organization enhancing both personal and professional skills.  

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Useful tips for better employee onboard training & experience using LMS 

If you too are looking to incorporate learning management systems in your organization’s onboarding process, here are some tips that you should try: 

  • Setting up reminders: You can use automate reminders and notification within LMS to keep employees on track with their training plans and deadlines. 
  • Get experience with real-world activities: Provide new employees with practical training within LMS that they will be doing actually in their work. 
  • Having onboarding checklist: Within LMS, having checklist help employees to track training they have completed, and they still need to do, ultimately reduces any confusion for the training process. 
  • Provide short learning sessions for more flexibility:  When employees are already busy with their jobs, forcing them to complete their training could affect their performance. So, it’s better to keep course material short and simple. 
  • Use a cloud-based training module to save money and time:  you can save money by switching from onsite training to cloud-based training. Furthermore, you can reassign course materials if your employees could not understand the course for the first time without sending them anywhere. 

Improve your employee onboard training experience with a robust LMS 

Implementing an effective onboarding practices is very essential for any organization who seeks to establish a solid foundation for new employees. By leveraging the capabilities of LMS, organizations can embrace the best onboarding practices, simplify their onboarding process, and set new employees for long term success. 

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