LMSFeatures | Levelup LMS


  • UX and Customization
  • Content and User management
  • Gamification and Analytics
  • Collaboration and Integration
  • Help and Security

UX and Customization:

Modern and easy-to-use interface with an intuitive dashboard and adaptive user portal displaying your to-do and completed courses. With this LMS Feature customize the platform to suit your organization’s concepts with a modern and easy-to-use interface. Our mobile-responsive platform can be used on smartphones and tablets, giving the flexibility to learn from anywhere -anytime. Add your company logo and brand colour, allowing complete control over the look, feel and much more.

Content and User management:

With Content and User management LMS Features produce content or upload your existing content in the format that works for your team and audience, delivered as microlearning or a more comprehensive learning path. Author courses quickly and easily from the built-in authoring tool and create interactive, social, and gamified content. With Levelup authoring suite, you can quickly develop quizzes and assessment tests. Set up departments and user groups for custom training programs. Assign users with different roles – Admin, Trainer and User. Levelup gives you the flexibility to deactivate users anytime: they won’t be able to log in, but their progress reports will remain saved.

Gamification and Analytics:

This LMS Features easily manage certificates and create custom certificates to acknowledge the training your teams have done. You can tailor the appearance of your custom certificates using your organizational branding and create unique designs for each course. With an intuitive dashboard, get a comprehensive overview of performance indicators to help users, trainers and admins track course progress and time spent. Email or export reports in an Excel sheet or PDF and directly communicate with users or executives.

Collaboration and Integration:

Keep your learners engaged by staying in touch when you can’t be face to face. Furnish high-quality meetings for your learners inside your organization and outside with HD audio and video, chat, and screen sharing with Microsoft Teams. Manage all training activities with the Calendar and set their priorities. With REST API, let your developers save time and seamlessly integrate Levelup LMS.

Help and Security:

Easily assign roles and set permissions for different users, so everyone has a role built just for them. Permissions are configurable to allow different levels of access within the platform. Protection of your data is our 1st priority. With enterprise-grade platform security, all communications are JWT token Encrypted. Levelup works with Google Auth and Microsoft Active Directory for all authentications.