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Levelup Remote Training LMS

Train Your Remote Workers with Online Remote Training LMS 

As businesses continue to recruit more employees working remotely, the need to train them correctly becomes increasingly important. Training remote employees has its own set of challenges, as remote teams work on different schedules. Levelup is an online remote training LMS, that helps you to address all such challenges and develop an efficient learning environment for your remote workforce. 

Levelup is a cloud-based remote training LMS, which means that your employees can access their training programs – wherever and whenever they feel convenient. With its advanced reporting features, you can track the progress of remote employees and achieve your training objectives. 

Why Do You Need an Online Remote Training LMS? 

Investing in a robust online remote training LMS is a requisite for successful in the modern work environment. There are several advantages of getting a Learning Management System for training remote employees. Here are some of the key advantages: 

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Consistency in Training

Using an online remote training LMS will help you maintain a consistent training experience to both your office and remote teams.


Convenient Learning Experience

One of the biggest challenges that remote employees face is being available for classroom training. They can also take assessments and get certified at their own pace.


Easy Scalability

A remote training LMS like Levelup can easily adapt to your changing needs. 

Discover How Levelup Can Solve Specific Challenges

Speak with our consultants today to discover how Levelup can help you address specific remote training challenges for your business.

Some Stats that Show the Impact of Online Remote Training LMS

  • 84% of workers prefer to work from home.

  • 69% of millennials would give up other work benefits for a more flexible working space.

  • 94% of employers stated that productivity was as high or higher after a shift to remote work.

  • 99% of remote workers would like to continue doing so to some extent .

Some Stats for Employee Training using LMS - Levelup LMS

Things You Can Do with Levelup as Your Online Remote Training LMS 

Levelup can be easily customized as your online remote training LMS and achieve the desired learning outcomes. Here are some of the things that you can do with our platform 

Create training for Product using LMS, for Employee Training LMS - Levelup LMS

Create Course

Get the advantage of our simple and intuitive course authoring tool to create courses for your remote learning training programs. You can also upload your existing learning materials: presentations, videos, PDFs and more with just a few clicks. Explore innovative features like Flashcard and Knowledge Check which allow learners to retain knowledge more effectively. 

Assign Learners for product training using LMS, for Employee Training - Levelup LMS

Assign Learners

Invite and add learners from your remote team with just a click. Assign specific remote training courses to specific groups or a single user, as you desire. You can also choose which courses and/or tracks they can access. This ensures structure and uniformity in training and reduces the chances of errors or hassles for the learner, allowing them to focus on things that matter. 

Track and Report using product training lms - Levelup LMS

Track and Report

To help you make sure that your remote employees are attending the courses, you need to monitor and track the performance of learners and the courses. Levelup comes with advanced reporting features that help you to build a truly effective learning environment. Track your learners’ progress with course content. Use custom reports and export the report in Excel and PDF. And much more! 

Explore Our Range of Exciting Features 

Levelup LMS brings premium LMS features within your reach. With our easy-to-use and feature-rich application, you can achieve your objectives. 

Choose from Our Range of Online Remote Training LMS 

At Evolvous, we offer diverse subscription plans for all your remote training needs. Choose the plan that fits your business. Upgrading your plan is easy and effortless, so you can switch plans when you need. 

ZERO Cost Plan

Get access to all premium LMS features at zero cost, for as long as you want. You can add up to 5 users and create as many as 10 courses. 

Basic Plan

Have a larger sales team? Subscribe to our basic plan, that lets you add 50 active users. You can create unlimited courses with the plan. 

Basic Plus Plan

Add up to 100 active users with our Basic Plus Plan. Get access to all premium features and create engaging sales training LMS eLearning courses. 

Know More About Online Remote Training LMS Pricing 

Explore more about the pricing plans and their features. 

Why choose levelup LMS for Product Training

Why Choose Levelup as Your Online Remote Training LMS?

1. Simplicity –

With core and essential features make learning simple and engaging for your employees.

2. Security –

With enterprise-grade platform security, all communications are JWT token Encrypted. Levelup works with Google Auth and Microsoft Active Directory for all authentications.

3. Customer Service –

From set-up to implementation and beyond, our in-house expert Customer Success Team is available 24/7/365.

Experience the Perfect Training LMS 

Enhance the performance of your remote teams