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Employee Training Videos Using LMS

Training videos using LMS are a wonderful way to teach your audience how to use your product, the features, and how it works. Such videos are assembled to teach someone who has never heard of your company or product before.   

Employee training videos are a simple approach to ensure that all your employees understand your brand’s image and messaging. Videos may be used to teach new employees about business culture or best – practices in the sector. Although your company may have a comprehensive employee manual covering the fundamentals of work responsibilities and policies, there is no alternative for in-person video training.  

Making a successful employee training video is a great method to keep your employees informed about corporate operations, regulations, and safety measures.  

Why use LMS for employee training videos?   

Video has evolved into a highly effective tool for organizations of all sizes. Employee training videos are a wonderful way to communicate knowledge and make sure everyone is on the same page regarding business procedures, visual style, and even operational processes.  

 Video is increasingly gaining popularity in employee training as a cost-effective solution to improve training effectiveness. Video allows you to do much more than just watch things happen while listening to an explanation.  

 Let us understand the benefits of employee training videos.   

Top 10 benefits of using an LMS for Employee Training video are as follows:   

  1. Training helps existing employees become more efficient.   
  2. It helps new employees get up-to-speed faster on the company culture and mission.   
  3. Boost work Productivity.   
  4. Saves money & resources.   
  5. Videos engage better than text.   
  6. Increased information retention.   
  7. Videos can be used anywhere, anytime, anyplace.   
  8. It can be shared easily.   
  9. Creation of Inventory of Skills.   
  10. Systematic Imparting of Skills.   


How to make a Training video using an LMS?   

Producing a compelling training video is one of the best ways to communicate information. The benefits of creating and distributing a video include improved employee productivity, an efficient method for delivering enormous amounts of information and increased brand recognition. Let us get into the practical steps involved in making a training video from scratch.   

Equipment needed to create video:   

  • A camera   
  • A microphone   
  • Screen capture software   
  • Video editing software   

Today everyone has their own cell phone and a laptop with a built-in camera, and if you use screen capture software, you do not even need a camera.    

If you are a beginner in creating videos, we recommend focusing on Audio over Video quality. Poor audio quality is more distracting than poor visuals. Good audio is necessary for all videos. The quality of your video content, as well as its production value, will make or break your video marketing campaign. Video marketers often debate whether audio should take precedence over video quality or vice versa. The better the audio quality of your videos, the more professional they will appear in production value and the higher their chances of going viral.   

Training video Software: Levelup LMS  

Nowadays, we are flooded with several types of video software, and there is a massive selection to choose from. Learn world, Touch cast, Wire wax, Hap Yak etc. are all good, lightweight options that are perfect for beginners. It has never been easier to create videos and edit them like a professional.    

What are the best solutions for employee training videos?   

Employee training videos are the best way to train your employees and help them grasp valuable information. When starting a business, it is hard to find the time and resources necessary to invest in employee training videos. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable ways to do it right.   

Training videos are a fantastic way to provide employees with the information to do their jobs. There is no better way to train your staff than video learning, as it allows your employees to watch the training modules repeatedly until they have fully grasped the concepts.   

Adding videos to your eLearning courses   

Using video in your eLearning courses can have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of your course, increase learner engagement and improve retention.    

The way that we learn has changed dramatically over the years. In the past, people learned from each other, from books and formal education institutions. Today’s learners want to access educational content at their terms and convenience.    

Learning and Development professionals have long understood the importance of video in eLearning. Video is an effective way to communicate ideas, especially when complex or abstract. It can also be used to demonstrate skills by showing learners how to perform certain tasks.   

Make employees one step Level up with Levelup LMS   

Levelup LMS comprises the most superficial features that deliver an authentic learning experience without distraction. Deliver customized training irrespective of the department. For example, a sales department could use LevelUp LMS to create customized training programs for their sales team, which they could then access from their desktop computer at work.    

For an innovative way to make your business stand out in the crowded market, consider using Levelup learning management system (LMS) and improve customer satisfaction, brand value and corporate culture. Best of all, it is easy to use and affordable for any business. With our assistance, create effective employee training videos. Contact us today. 

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