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Why should you invest in corporate eLearning?

corporate eLearning solution for Employees in 2024 - Levelup LMS

Why should you invest in corporate eLearning?  

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations must continuously train their staff to maintain a competitive edge and deliver superior customer service. This is necessary, not optional. Some organizations prefer pre-built eLearning courses, but these are the organizations that are unaware of the tremendous advantages of a customized employee training strategy. This article will discuss some benefits of using a personalized corporate eLearning solution.  

What is corporate eLearning?  

Corporate eLearning is a cutting-edge approach to providing regular employee education and training. Corporate eLearning enables businesses to use software and hardware to deliver educational courses to all employees virtually. This training may be created with your organization’s needs and workflow in mind, or it may be made with general employee development and upskilling.  

Companies can deliver traditional training programmes through online modules that their employees can access from any location at any time with the help of corporate eLearning platforms like Levelup.  

Thanks to the convenience of corporate eLearning, you no longer have to restrict employee learning to your limited resources—specifically, employees who could lead a subsequent training session on the same material. You can assist employees in realizing their full potential through consistent, scalable educational programmes that provide essential insights, information, and support to the expanding team representing your brand every day.  

Companies can use corporate eLearning to accomplish a variety of objectives, including:  

  • Online learning can provide new hires with a more individualized learning experience, enabling them to take in all new information at their own pace and convenience.  
  • Increased productivity and performance within the company can be achieved by studying better workflows, acquiring new technologies, or even imparting important soft skills. 
  • Establishing a culture of continuous learning can have significant long-term benefits. Your business will continue to expand as long as the employees constantly learn.  

Top 5 Qualities an LMS Should Have for Corporate Training.  

  1. Designed with remote workers and mobile users in mind: In today’s increasingly remote-first society, teams may be dispersed across the globe, working in various time zones and using various devices. Even if none of your employees work remotely, you still require an LMS to support your business in unforeseen events. 

You require an LMS that enables your staff to learn whenever and on any device of their choosing. By allowing mobile learning features, engagement levels are higher and completion rates are quicker. Why should a cumbersome or poorly designed LMS get in the way of an employee’s desire to learn whenever and wherever they want?  

  1. Customized learner portals: If managers can track everything they need on a dashboard, we believe that learners should be able to do the same. An information landing page for staff members is a customized learning portal. Their ranking in relation to other employees, the courses they have been assigned, the certificates they have earned, the courses they have completed, upcoming events, checklists, and more. 

Employees can manage all of their corporate eLearning activities through such portals. They are more likely to commit to learning if you make things simpler for them!  

  1. Interactive elements like gamification: At the very least, make learning and growth enjoyable for your staff members who are already putting in a lot of effort at work. Why? Because 83% of workers participating in gamified training report higher job motivation. 49% of workers complain that non-gamified training is boring.
  2. Integrated course authoring: Creating lessons and courses inside an LMS can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Some software programs require you to import or export third-party course authoring tools when creating or updating content. Why would you want to waste time and effort doing that if you already paid for an LMS subscription? 

When choosing a suitable LMS, you should pick a platform with integrated course authoring tools that don’t require installing any additional software or third-party apps. You can create all of your courses and content with Levelup LMS without utilizing any outside programmes.  

  1. Compliance dashboards: If you’re spending money on employee learning tools, you should be able to see clearly whether they’re even having an impact. 

It will be very beneficial to have an administrative dashboard that tracks each learner’s progress through courses, especially if multiple employees are taking various courses at various times.  

You can track students’ progress and create tailored reports demonstrating how they engage with your course material using Levelup LMS.  

This guarantees that your workforce will wholeheartedly support your investment in a digital learning system.  

Top 5 LMS Advantages of Corporate eLearning Development.  

  • Reduced training expenses: Using eLearning for corporate training lets you cut expenses directly and inadvertently. New hire training does not require employees to repeatedly squander work time. It’s not necessary to (again, repeatedly) bring in pricey guest lecturers to train senior management. Due to the coordination of several schedules, no working hours are lost. These are just a few examples of the current state of corporate training; without software support, employee upskilling and training can be costly. By enabling learners to easily access the recorded training on their phone, according to their schedule, at their desks, eLearning corporate training virtually eliminates all of those costs.  
  • Convenient content updates: Instructional materials should be updated frequently in the modern world. Regardless of how well your courses and lessons are designed, you might always need to keep updating your content to offer new information or raise the calibre of the course. You can quickly and easily update your learning materials with eLearning. You can update technical information for new hires based on shifting industry standards or add a new lesson to a training module for your current employees, all through your LMS!  
  • Digital content easily accessible: Various company employees may have time and bandwidth at various times. However, a conventional training module still assumes that everyone will consume information at a specific time based on logistical considerations. On the other hand, eLearning modules give employees access to learning material whenever and wherever they want. As a result, they can learn more quickly and enthusiastically because they don’t have to wait for someone to set up a session when they’re ready. Additionally, employees have unlimited access to content on their own. Furthermore, giving them this freedom is critical because 58% of workers worldwide prefer independent learning. 
  • Return on investment: On average, 42% of eLearning businesses make more money. Employees are always prepared to go beyond what is expected of them when you foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement at your business. Bonus points if you can upskill your workers without it feeling like a new task! A corporate eLearning LMS might be a wise investment in light of all of this. It enables you to continually train and upskill employees at various levels and in various roles, lowering your need to hire new workers to fill in existing employees’ skill gaps. And it accomplishes all that while being reasonably priced.  
  • Intense Competition: Maintaining a competitive edge over your rivals is one of the main reasons you must continually upskill and train your staff. Companies that can adapt to shifting trends and take advantage of new technologies are typically the ones able to grow further in today’s fiercely competitive market. 

There are many benefits of implementing corporate eLearning modules in your business, but we’ll let you find out the rest for yourself. Therefore, so many prosperous companies have already begun investing in corporate eLearning.  

We can’t wait for you to discover how LevelUp offers all these advantages and more.  


With the help of eLearning, you can designate specific courses for each employee according to their job function or level of expertise. Making the courses entertaining and engaging is another benefit of picking the suitable LMS, as it will increase learners’ general motivation and retention.  

Corporate eLearning, as opposed to conventional in-person training, gives employees access to training and upskilling programmes through online learning platforms.  

Companies can reduce costs, provide flexible and exciting learning formats, and track their employees’ progress through various courses and lessons with a well-designed online learning platform (or LMS).  

Check out Levelup LMS today! If you want to start a culture of learning and growth in your business.  

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